The era of online games and entertainment sites

It is a rapidly changing world now and people are also changing with the phase of time and thus shifting towards more comfort zone. This comfort zone is well swayed by the Internet which helps us do a lot of work without many efforts which also includes gambling through the Internet. Yes, now I am speaking about online gambling. It is a way through which people gamble in national and international levels without going anywhere from their room. They gamble easily sitting in their home. This results in addiction for online gambling among people. It not only affects people, but it is also showing its adverse effects on youths.

How did it start?

It was first organized in 1994 which grew in an enormous way till 1998 as there were only 15 websites for online gambling in 1994 which grew up to 200 websites in 1998. This graph keeps on increasing linearly and thus resulting in numerous websites for online gambling currently. Online gambling including games like agen poker online, bingo etc. It also includes sports betting like horse racing bets, cricket betting etc. It is played in national as well as multinational levels. There are many websites for online gambling.

It is continuously showing its adverse effects on youth as more and more number of youngsters are getting attracted to such types of traps. There are various instructions provided in order to play these games and thus youths start learning to gamble without any hesitation and shame. Gambling cause winning and losing with the same phase as it is a game of luck and therefore people start checking their lucks on these games thus leading to their addictions towards gambling. As more and number of people are getting attracted towards such games, these games are becoming popular. Thus, whichever and whatever gambling website it may be, people are more furious to use them as if someone is losing on a particular website, may win in some other website. This results in increased demands for online gambling.


Many people consider online gambling to be banned due to its cons. There are many disadvantages of these types of gambling. We are all known that it is habit forming due to its convenience. Also, if people are gambling in an international level, then they are charged some transaction fees to take the money out as many cards prohibit international transactions for gambling or we can simply say that many cards don’t allow transactions for online gambling. In addition to these, there is a fear of fake websites that run these gambling in an unethical way. This can lead to disturbance in privacy related to credit cards and debit cards and cause huge loss to someone.