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Homeowners Insurance: When Should You File a Claim?

Your first home; whether it’s a small studio apartment or an actual house that you’ve purchased, is there anything more exciting? After four years of apartment and rental home dwelling, I experienced the thrill of purchasing my first home back in the summer of 1989 in the small town of Bixby, Oklahoma, just outside of Tulsa. My husband and I moved in on July 4th weekend and set about removing the hideous orange checkered wallpaper from our new kitchen. July in Oklahoma is hot and so we decided this might be a good time to try out our central air conditioning. We flipped the switch and nothing; not a buzz, not a hum and definitely no cool, refreshing air. Surprisingly, we were able to contact a repairman even though it was a holiday weekend, although after receiving the bill we understood why he had been so happy to take our call. We learned that the unit had been damaged by lightning and we agreed to the repairs. What else could we do? It was 108 degrees at 10:00 in the morning! But from my background as an insurance underwriter, I knew that lightning damage was probably covered under our brand new homeowner’s insurance policy. But, should we file a claim? That was the ultimate question. (more…)

How To Get The Best Luggage?

There is no doubt that there are different types of brands and companies offering varieties of luggage in the market. If you are planning to buy the best luggage to travel with ease and convenience then you have to consider lots of factors. This is not easy to choose the best baggage and this is the reason for which people are always paying more attention to it. You should always make a final decision regarding the selection of the luggage after checking out its features like durability, wheels, locks and much more. (more…)